Oregon’s Voice for Gun Rights

Over the years, OGO has prevented many anti-gun bills. However, we fully expect to see similar concepts return in future sessions. Please stay engaged and make a donation. Also, be sure to like our Facebook page.

Ballot Measures 

Both IP 43 and IP 44 failed to make the ballot for 2018. However, they will be proposed in the Legislature next year. Click here to learn more.

Initiative Petition Updates

Two pro-gun petitions have been filed for 2020, Initiative Petition 6 and 8.

IP 6, the “School Gun Safety Act,” would require Oregon public schools to provide a firearms safety class to 6th graders. IP 6 is clear that the safety class would not encourage or discourage firearms possession or purchase, and it will not involve live ammunition. Click here to learn more.

IP 8 would amend the Oregon Constitution to protect Oregonians’ right to own guns for self-defense and store guns in their homes in an operable state for self-defense. Click here to learn more.