Oregon Gun Owners is a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the rights of gunowners across the state. You can help us defend our Second Amendment rights by contributing to the Oregon Gun Owners Political Action Committee (PAC). Help us elect political candidates who support the rights of law-abiding gun owners, today!

Your contribution signs you up for our quarterly progress report on our activities in Oregon. You, as a supporter of the organization, will be kept up to speed on our efforts across the state and will be presented opportunities to join us in our fight.

As a grassroots-driven organization, our efforts are meaningless without your support.

Donations made online go directly to the Oregon Gun Owners PAC (OR PAC ID: 159), which supports pro-firearms rights candidates and opposes anti-firearms rights candidates. The OGO PAC qualifies for the Oregon Political Tax Credit, a $50 per person tax credit on most Oregonians’ personal income taxes. In other words, the vast majority of all Oregonians can give $50 per year to OGO and get all the money back on their taxes. For joint filers, the tax credit is $100.