Oregon’s Voice for Gun Rights

One of the most contentious sessions in the state’s history has come to an end. This session saw the passage many pieces of hotly contested legislation. However, an infringement on law abiding gun owners was not among them. OGO was successful in keeping the two pieces of legislation intended to cut down on the rights of gun owners that were put forth from reaching the governor’s desk. These included HB 4047, that would have removed a gun dealers right to use their discretion on completing a firearms transaction when a background check is pending for more than three business days and SB 1551, that would have allowed for an individual to be reported, by a vast array of qualified people, to be suffering from a mental health crisis and that individual would have been prevented from purchasing a firearm. We can expect both pieces of legislation and then some to be back next session. Now is as an important time as ever to remain vigilant in the protection of our Second Amendment rights.