Oregon’s Voice for Gun Rights

On July 6th, the 2015 Legislative Assembly adjourned sine die. While the passage of SB 941 leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of gun owners across Oregon, two lesser known bills were passed that expanded gun rights in Oregon. HB 2357 allows honorably retired law enforcement officers to enjoy the same protections provided to Oregon concealed handgun license holders, including unlawful possession and possession in a public building, among others. Another bill, SB 173, allows concealed handgun license holders to truly conceal their firearm in public. Prior to the passage of SB 173, a CHL holder could be required to show their firearm to a peace officer for examination. If the CHL holder refused to do so, they could be arrested. SB 173 allows CHL holders to present their license rather than their firearm and removes the threat of arrest for not providing the firearm for inspection. A bill that would give reciprocity for concealed handgun license holders made it as far in the process as it ever has, giving hope that the path forward my come in a future session. We look forward to coming back in ’16 to continue our advocacy for the Second Amendment rights of Oregonians.