Oregon’s Voice for Gun Rights

The 2017 legislative session has come to an end. Anti-gun liberals made several attempts to slash your Second Amendment rights, but gun rights advocates and Oregon Gun Owners like yourself were able to keep many of their gun-grabbing efforts at bay. Bills like SB 1065 and SB 797, both containing a provision which would significantly delay a firearm transfer in event of an indeterminate background check, were stopped dead in their tracks.

However, in the final days of session, House Democrats were able to force SB 719 through. The bill narrowly passed 31-28, following hours of debate on the House floor. SB 719 creates a process for obtaining an “extreme risk protection order,” a mechanism designed to confiscate firearms without a fair trial. You can read more about the bill, and the Oregon Gun Owners’ response to it, here. Proponents of the bill claim that it will decrease suicides, but in reality, the bill only chips away at your constitutional rights.

SB 719 now heads to the Governor’s desk for her signature. Oregon Gun Owners encourages you to contact the Governor’s office to urge a veto on this bill.

While we were able to stop many anti-gun bills, Oregon Gun Owners fully expect to see similar concepts return in future sessions. Please stay engaged and updated, and be sure to like and follow our Facebook page.